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We provide cashless tipping solutions for

JustTipTM helps create an environment where tips are paid easily, quickly and fairly. A team approach to business needs a team solution. Welcome to the next generation of team tipping.

We’re proud to work with some of the best names in hospitality, beauty, tourism and entertainment!

About Us

JustTipTM helps create an environment where tips are paid easily, quickly and fairly.

Receive tips into your bank account every week with complete transparency. JustTip can split tips based on hours or days worked through our unique rostering function within your business dashboard!

Giving your customers an easy and secure way to leave a tip. Provide complete transparency for your customers and staff!

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What JustTipTM is all about

Simple and hassle-free tipping solution for you and your business

Transparent reporting

JustTip™ provides end to end transaction reports for both employers and employees keeping your business inline with all new legislation.

Individual business dashboard

Every business will receive their own dashboard where they can add remove and roster staff, as well as access all reports and have a live tracker of tips going through their system.

Individual employee dashboard

Employees will also receive their own dashboard where they can download their tipping reports weekly.

Easy to use rostering system

JustTip™ provides a rostering feature for every business, where they can input employees days/hours splitting their tips based on this roster each week.


Something to suit all business and budgets

JustTip™ POS Terminals are built to sit on your countertop, ideally at the point-of-sale., this is our fastest tipping solution, enabling customers to leave a tip in just 3 seconds!

JustTip™ QR Codes are our lowest cost solution and are incredibly easy to set up. This solution is perfect for the new cashless society.

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JustTipTM Flex

JustTipTM POS Terminal

JustTipTM QR Codes


JustTip™ helps businesses, service workers, and individuals grow.

Anyone in the hospitality, service, entertainment and tourism industry can use the JustTip™  to earn cashless tips. It is simple, safe, and hassle-free!

Beauty Industry

Wait Staff



Hotel Attendants

Charity Collectors

…and many more!

If you don’t see your profession here, don’t sweat it! Every business is different. Let’s connect to make it happen.

Key Benefits

JustTip™ helps businesses, service workers, and individuals grow.

  • Increase Tip Income
  • Customers can tip digitally, easily and securely
  • Compliance with Irish & UK legislation
  • Employees receive tips directly into their bank account
  • Business dashboard with rostering and reporting tools
  • Remove admin costs and tax liability

For Employees

JustTip™ enables employees to earn more, provides transparent tip payments and deposits the tips directly to employees bank account.

For Employers

JustTip™ takes away the hassle of managing and distributing tips, improves staff acquisition and retention and protects against potential negative market perception.

For Customers

JustTip™ provides customers with the ease of tipping in a cashless society, is a safe and secure way to tip and ensures tips will go directly to the service provider.


Explore the right pricing plan for you!

JustTip™ has a tipping solution to suit all businesses and budgets.

Enjoy all the benefits of JustTipTM  for as low as €50/month.

Not sure which plan to choose?  Speak to an Expert today.

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Find out what tipping solution works best for you or your business.

JustTip has options for all business types, find the best plan for your business and team!

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