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About Us

Welcome to the next generation of team tipping.

JustTip™ is a team tipping platform. Our platform helps create an environment where tips are paid easily, quickly and fairly.

A team approach to business needs a team solution. JustTip™ empower service providers and their customers worldwide, to be able to receive and give just reward for great service provided or received.

Our mission is to become the world’s most fair, equitable and popular digital tipping platform across the hospitality, retail and not for profit sectors.

Integral to that mission is to provide a seamless, robust and scalable digital payments platform, focused on the transparent growth & distribution of tips.

Enabling the staff member to earn gratuities & direct from the customer and remove administration headaches for venue owners.

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Our Story

James Fahy and Ciara Walsh are the brains behind the most flexible and robust cashless tip payment service on the market.

As the Covid pandemic was at its height, James had noticed that cash was literally disappearing from sight as the whole world embraced digital and mobile based payment systems.

As a result, when businesses finally started to reopen, thousands of service and hospitality staff saw their income drastically reduced because no one had any cash to tip.

In addition, the customers that added a tip to the bill often did not know if their server got the tip.

James realised that something had to be done and JustTip was born in July 2021. Since then, James and Ciara have successfully on boarded over 350+ locations across Ireland and built an executive management team brimming with talent and experience. But that was just the start; JustTip is now live in London and Las Vegas.


What the press say about us

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May 8, 2024

Companies at a cashflow tipping point

The Sunday Times
December 20, 2023

JustTip™ takes home Fintech Startup of the year 2024

Start up Awards Ireland
November 28, 2022

SFA Emerging business of the year 2023

Small Firms Association
April 14, 2022

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Find out what tipping solution works best for you or your business.

JustTip has options for all business types, find the best plan for your business and team!

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