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We’ve all been there… you’ve just had your hair done and absolutely love it… or you’ve just received outstanding service from a young and bright waiter… or the hotel concierge has just carried your 5 suitcases full of “essentials” to your hotel room (on the 6th floor and the elevator is broken) … and all of a sudden you realise; you don’t have cash! It’s awkward. You feel guilty. But who carries cash anymore?

The reality is, very few people are carrying cash these days. It’s great in a way, no more dashes to the ATM or loose change in the cup holder of your car, but one of the big casualties from this new cashless society we live in is the service workers earnings. It’s become increasingly harder for service employees to earn a living, many of whom are on minimum wage, and that’s before we even consider the astronomical inflation that we are all facing.

This is 2022 though, service workers deserve to get thanks for the hard work that they do, cashless or otherwise.

That’s exactly why JUSTTIP was founded in 2021 by Dublin based college students James and Ciara. JUSTTIP has since grown to have over 150 partners in Ireland, and the US.

JUSTTIP provides a cashless tipping solution in the form of POS terminals, and most recently, QR codes. This enables customers to tip service workers with their smart phones or credit cards… NO CASH NEEDED!

(that’s not even the best part…)

Service workers get their tips deposited DIRECTLY into their personal bank accounts, creating total and complete transparency. We even send the employees a notification when they make a tip, to keep moral high and motivate better performance.

(We still haven’t told you the best part…)

There is no cost to the employer to install the JUSTTIP system… none… zero… zilch. JUSTTIP takes a modest 5% transaction fee from each tip that is transferred, and that’s it!

We say it all the time, but it just makes sense… JUSTTIP.

To sign up to JUSTTIP today, click here.