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The Irish 2023 budget has introduced several changes that will affect workers across various industries. In particular, minimum wage workers in the hospitality sector are likely to experience both positive and negative consequences as a result of these budgetary adjustments. In this blog, we will delve into the key aspects of the 2023 budget and analyse their implications for this group of workers.

  • Minimum Wage Increase

One of the most significant changes in the 2023 budget is the increase in the national minimum wage. This move is expected to have a substantial impact on minimum wage workers in the hospitality industry, where wages have historically been a contentious issue. The minimum wage increase is not only a welcome change for these workers but also a testament to the government’s recognition of the need to improve their financial situation.

  • Income Tax Changes

While the minimum wage increase is undoubtedly positive, some minimum wage workers in the hospitality sector may be concerned about potential income tax changes. The budget might have introduced adjustments in tax brackets or rates that could offset the benefits of the wage hike. Workers in this industry will need to stay informed about these changes and adapt their financial planning accordingly.

  • Impact on Small Businesses

The hospitality sector includes a wide range of businesses, from small family-owned restaurants to large hotel chains. The budget’s changes, particularly the minimum wage increase, may pose challenges for smaller businesses with tight profit margins. They may struggle to absorb the additional labor costs, potentially leading to job cuts or increased prices for consumers.

  • Skill Development and Training

The budget also includes provisions for skill development and training programs, which can positively impact minimum wage workers in hospitality. By investing in their professional development, workers can enhance their skills, potentially leading to higher-paying job opportunities within the industry. Additionally, these programs can improve the quality of service in the sector, benefiting both workers and customers.


The Irish 2023 budget introduces a mix of opportunities and challenges for minimum wage workers in the hospitality industry. While the increase in the national minimum wage is a positive step towards improving their financial situation, it is essential to consider the potential consequences of income tax changes and the impact on small businesses.