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On Friday, the Department of Enterprise revealed stringent measures aimed at safeguarding the rights of hospitality workers and ensuring fair treatment regarding tips and gratuities. The regulations come as a response to concerns about employers violating rules related to tipping practices.

Employers found breaching tipping regulations will now face on-the-spot fines.This move is intended to act as a deterrent and strengthen the protection of employees in the hospitality sector.

Patrons who fail to provide employees with accurate terms of employment or deliberately provide false information will be subject to a substantial fine of €1,500. This measure, falling under the Payment of Wages Act 2022, emphasizes the importance of transparent communication between patrons and employees.

Employers who neglect to furnish employees with a written statement outlining the distribution of tips and gratuities or those who misclassify a service charge as a tip will face fines of €750. This underscores the significance of clear communication regarding the allocation of tips within the workplace.

A €500 fine will be imposed on employers who neglect to display a ‘tips and gratuities notice’ or a ‘contract Workers Tips and Gratuities Notice.’ This requirement aims to enhance transparency, ensuring both employees and patrons are informed about how tips are handled.

Inspectors from the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) will conduct visits to ensure businesses comply with tip-related legislation. In the event of a breach, the WRC can issue fines. Failure to pay will lead to referral to the WRC’s internal legal affairs committee, which will decide whether to proceed with prosecution.