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We are excited to officially announce our newest product- JustTip Flex! JustTip Flex is a hand-held, mobile solution that allows for flexible tipping, ideal for restaurants and table service.  

With the new Flex option, customers can choose their tip amount in a separate transaction from paying the bill, therefore increasing server’s tips while separating them from business revenue. Just like the fixed machine, customers can tap with a bank card, phone or watch to leave a tip in just 3 seconds! 

As well as this, with tipping legislation in Ireland updated in December 2022, companies must now provide clear information to customers on how tips are shared among employees, promoting transparency and trust in the tipping process. Legislation also states that staff should receive a breakdown of electronic tips received and how they are distributed. Further, it guarantees employees the right to receive their tip, protecting them from unfair distribution. All tips generated through JustTip’s systems are collected, pooled, and distributed weekly directly to the employee’s bank accounts in proportion to the hours they have worked, bypassing the employer’s business completely.