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JUSTTIP™ has solutions for both charity and micro-payments

JUSTTIP™ provides a stand alone terminal that can be utilised for charity collection and micro-payments.

Our fastest payments solution, enabling customers to leave a payment or donation in just 3 seconds!

Create a design that speaks to your brand identity.
Low cost solution.
You can tap your phone, card or wearable to leave a donation in seconds.
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JUSTTIP™ QR Codes are our lowest cost solution & are incredibly easy to set up. JUSTTIP™ QR Codes can be used for charity collection and micropayments.

This solution is perfect for the new cashless society.

Create a design that speaks to your brand identity.
It is low cost to set up and use a JUSTTIP™ QR code.
Print your QR code on anything you like; table tents, posters, business cards, you name it!
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About US

JUSTTIP is currently working with some of the biggest charities in Ireland

JustTip provides a quick, easy and affordable way to take electronic donations, our portable terminal allows charities to replace traditional coin boxes and start collecting donations again! You can also customise your terminal amounts and design to your brand!

With a traditional collection box, cash needs to be constantly counted. In comparison, contactless fundraising requires zero cash handling, freeing you from unnecessary administration. All donations are logged in our portal, enabling you to effortlessly track and monitor campaign progress.


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