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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    About the product

    As a customer, have you ever wanted to leave a tip but had no cash?

    JustTip enables businesses to provide a safe and transparent way for customers to leave a contactless Tip, while saving them the burden of distributing tips fairly directly to employee bank accounts.

    As a business owner, are you overpaying tax when tips are treated as income?

    JustTip separates tips from your business, removing employer tax liability and improving tip transparency for both customers and employees.

    JustTip is also the only provider with business friendly rostering & reporting facilities, that allows businesses to download reports for evidence, while only requiring them to upload a weekly staff roster, JustTip takes care of the rest!

    How do Customers, Employees and Employers benefit from JustTip?

    JustTip creates an ecosystem of fair tipping and ease for all stakeholders. The benefits for each of the stakeholders are:

    • We remove tax liability for your business.
    • We are fully in line with the new tipping legislation.
    • Tips are paid out weekly to staff.

    How does JustTip work?

    The JustTip system works seamlessly in the following way:

    1. Consumers leave tips by simply tapping or scanning the QR codes
    2. Tips are pooled across the week, and individual amounts are calculated according to hours/days worked in the uploaded roster
    3. The calculated amounts are paid out directly into staff bank accounts
    4. Management can upload the roster for the previous week, download any analytics,receipts or reports, and the cycle continues!