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We Remove the tax liability from your business

Separating tips from your business, while bringing you inline with legislation, JustTip takes the thinking out of tipping for your business and staff.

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We’re proud to work with some of the best names in hospitality, beauty, tourism and entertainment!

What JustTipTM is all about

Simple and hassle-free tipping solution for you and your business

Transparent reporting

JUSTTIP™ provides end to end transaction reports for both employers and employees keeping your business inline with all new legislation.

Individual business dashboard

Every business will receive their own dashboard where they can add remove and roster staff, as well as access all reports and have a live tracker of tips going through their system.

Individual employee dashboard

Employees will also receive their own dashboard where they can download their tipping reports weekly.

Easy to use rostering system

JUSTTIP™ provides a rostering feature for every business, where they can input employees days/hours splitting their tips based on this roster each week.