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JustTip™ QR Codes are our lowest cost solution & are incredibly easy to set up.

This solution is perfect for the new cashless society.

Create a design that speaks to your brand identity.
It is low cost to set up and use a JustTip™ QR code.
Print your QR code on anything you like; table tents, posters, business cards, you name it!
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How JustTipTM QR Code  works


Sign Up, Its Easy!

Simply sign up now to generate your own unique QR code and link it to a bank account of your choice. If you are a business owner with multiple employees, you can add your team and your roster to the dashboard for tip splitting.

​It is easy to set up and use a JustTip™ QR Code, with just a 5% transaction fee on each tip transferred and a small set up charge.


Print Your QR Code

You can print your QR code onto anything you wish! Table tents, business cards, menus, posters, banners, receipts, teeshirts, coffee cups, stickers, the possibilities are endless.

Sit Back and Watch the Tips Roll In!

When your customers scan the QR code with their smartphone, they will be prompted to choose a tip amount and a payment method, no app required!

Who is JUSTTIPTM for?

JustTip™ helps businesses, service workers, and individuals grow.

Anyone in the hospitality, service, entertainment and tourism industry can use the JustTip™  to earn cashless tips. It is simple, safe, and hassle-free!

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Beauty Industry

Wait Staff



Charity Collectors

Hotel Attendants

…and many more!

If you don’t see your profession here, don’t sweat it! Every business is different. Let’s connect to make it happen.

Find out what tipping solution works best for you or your business.

JustTip has options for all business types, find the best plan for your business and team!

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