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This tax advise is only valid within the Republic of Ireland.

How to Declare Your Tips to Revenue

Unfortunatly tips are taxable, but we have outlined exactly how you can declare your tips below.

If you receive payments under €5,000, you can use myAccount to declare this income on your Income Tax return,.

​To register for myAccount, go to and sign in to myAccount. You can use an existing MyGovID or follow the instructions to register a new account.

Once you have successfully logged onto myAccount, under Tax Services will be the PAYE Services panel.


Select Review your Tax 2019 – 2022


Select tax year 2022


On the Income Tax Return Panel – Click Amend


Accept the Declaration.


Fill in all required details on panel 1 and move to panel 2, PAYE Income


Review all details held by Revenue for accuracy then proceed to Panel 3 Non-PAYE Income


Select the Other Income dropdown menu.


Select Emp/Off/Pen not subject to PAYE deductions.


On this panel – Description of Income – Gratuities – Amount of Income – ( This should be the total amount of gratuities received in the calendar year 2021)


Select Update

  • Return to the previous page, review and then select Next
  • On the Tax credits & reliefs panel reconfirm your tax credits by selecting Confirm All​
  • Move to the next page by selecting Next


On panel 5 – Declaration – review all information on the form then proceed to the Declaration on the bottom of the page.

  • Check the box to confirm your declaration
  • Select Next


On the Secure sign and submit page enter your PPS Number and myAccount password

  • Select Sign and submit
  • Your additional income has now been declared to Revenue, you should receive correspondence confirming this from Revenue in due course.